Watch the interviews with OM musicians!

The musicians are the key of this project: OM Encore exists because of their will to play again. Theirs is the entusiasm to start once again. This the reason why we have decided to dedicate them a section of the website rich in content and of great importance, let’s have a look at it.

In MUSICIANS you’ll find the players who have decided to be part of this project from the very beginning; with most of them we have recorded an interview in which they tell us about the OM, but also about theis lives as classical musicians and their relationship with the instrument they play. Here’s the list:

Raphael Christ

Gabriele Geminiani

Johane Gonzalez Seijas

Lucas Macías Navarro

Alessandro Carbonare

Josè Vicente Castello

Chaim Steller

Carlos Del Ser Guillén

Francesco Senese

Claudia Schmidt

Manuel Kastl

Mattia Petrilli

Giuseppe Russo

Mariafrancesca Latella

Behrang Rassekhi

Gisella Curtolo

By clicking on the link you’ll find a mini clip of the interviews, it’s up to you to donate and download the full length video. These interviews are so touching, unique, funny and moving that we’ve decided to share them with you. Do let us know if you like them!

All the clips are available in our YouTube channel as well; take our advice: subscribe! We will publish new clips soon.

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