OM Encore & Trame Sonore Festival

OM Encore and Trame Sonore are two of the most innovative cultural projects in the Italian classical music panorama. Both of them foster a new vision of classical music: a matter of excellence, no doubt, but also a matter of education, an active involvement of young audiences and other art forms. OM Encore and Trame Sonore promote a new idea of making music in Italy, based on sustainability and audience involvement. 

Because of this we have joined forces and decided to set up three events in order to explore the common features and show the world our common cultural aims.

May, 21st | Accademia Filarmonica di Bologna | 8 pm | Trame Sonore presentation in Bologna with artistic director Carlo Fabiano and the Hèsperos Piano Trio who will play the Trio op. 8 by Brahms.

June, 4th | Biblioteca Teresiana | 11 am | Mantova | Loris Azzaroni (Accademia Filarmonica’s President) will attend the talk “The future of the concert institutions in Italy”.

June, 4th | Sala dei Fiumi, Palazzo Ducale | 6 pm | Loris Azzaroni and Behrang Rassekhi (OM’s viola) will introduce and talk about the project OM Encore as a groundbreaking initiative in the Italian classical music panorama.

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