Considering the success of the first season, we have decided to replicate and continue with Anteprima Concerto - the podcast of the Accademia Filarmonica di Bologna to offer insights into the music, eras, and lives of the composers featured in the 2023 concerts of the Orchestra Mozart with Maestro Daniele Gatti - will soon be available online (we remind you that the first concert will be on April 11th in Bologna).

Guido Giannuzzi, musician and essayist, will once again accompany us on this journey, sharing reflections, curiosities, and thoughts with us.


The first episode (Italian only!) of the second season of Anteprima Concerto is now online. At the center of this new, shiny episode is the concert scheduled for April 11th in Bologna, featuring the Orchestra Mozart and its musical director, Maestro Daniele Gatti, performing a wonderful program of music by Brahms and Wagner. And it's precisely these two pillars of Western music - or rather, "the relationship between them" - that form the backbone of the episode we're presenting today.

Thanks to the contribution of Guido Giannuzzi, we'll try to change perspective, to move away from the common belief: Brahms, the guardian deity of tradition, opposed to Wagner and his "music of the future"? Not necessarily. And as always, at the end of the episode, we'll give you some listening tips to pass the time until the April concert.

HOW TO LISTEN TO THE PODCAST: ANTEPRIMA CONCERTO can be listened to directly and without any type of account or registration on Anchor (just follow the link, go down a little inside the page and click on PLAY), on Spotify, Amazon Music and Google Podcasts.

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