Video interview with Mariafrancesca Latella - clarinet

Mariafrancesca Latella is a clarinet player. She saw the local fanfare in her hometown and was amazed by the sounds and by the clarinets numerously represented in the fanfare. She joined the Orchestra Mozart in 2006. It was a fundamental experience, as she really understood what it meant to play together. Abbado has left an important heritage to the musicians of the orchestra and she feels that this heritage still resonates in each and every one of them.

One of her fondest memories is linked to a concert in which she had to play the first note; Claudio Abbado wanted the concert to begin in total darkness with just a tiny light on him. The Maestro warned Mariafrancesca “You’ll start when there’ll be pitch dark (buio-buio in Italian). Buio-buio is also a wine from Sardinia, have you ever tasted it? Well, when you see this “wine” in the concert hall, you start”. And she still laughs at remembering him, standing on the podium, smiling at her at thinking about the Buio-buio.

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