The Orchestra Mozart is coming back - The concert at the MAST Foundation

The Orchestra Mozart is coming back and it’s not alone. This is the strongest and most beautiful message that emerged from the concert at the MAST Foundation. After more than two years,  some of the OM musicians - led by Raphael Christ e Lucas Macías Navarro - played once again and gave us an outstanding performance. To see them playing again together, to hear that unique sound, to feel the joy of being there left us all almost breathless. This was a wonderful peek at what the Orchestra Mozart has reached in 10 years and a hint of the wonderous future possibilities of this Orchestra. “We want the OM to play again - stated professor Azzaroni - and to do that, we need help from all of you. OM Encore aims at putting together the audience, the musicians, the Accademia Filarmonica and all the musical institutions that will support us in this project and in the creation of a strong community of musicians, just like our motto unitate melos says”.

The importance of the Orchestra Mozart and of the crowdfunding campaign was mentioned also by Paolo Mieli in his introduction concerning the crucial role of the Academies in the development of our culture.

But after that, only music spoke. And the intense dialogue between violin, oboe and harpsichord - played by a stunning Silvia Márquez - reminded us of a sound not heard for a long time. 

The OM sound asks for an encore that will be made possible only thanks to the contribution of all. The hope that the members of this Orchestra will play regularly together from next year is now definitely stronger; support the OM, make it play again!

Photo courtesy: MAST - Rocco Casaluci.

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