OM Encore & Spotify!

“To listen” is one of the key words of OM Encore and Orchestra Mozart: to listen to each other, to tune in, to play together and share the experience with other people. This is the inner power of the OM sound, its own peculiarity, something that once heard cannot be forgotten. And if you’ve never heard it, you really missed something. Thanks to Spotify, now more and more people can listen to the OM sound!

How? As easy as pie. Out of all those who will donate from today 'till the 16th of May 2016 we will draw 5 winner who will get 5 Spotify Premium promo codes (the premium account will last for 3 months). Just donate at least 10 euro (free donation, or donate to download an intervied, or an audio file, anything goes!) and fingers crossed… you might get a Spotify Premium code. Meanwhile, you can taste the OM here:

Support the Orchestra Mozart, make it play again!

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