An open letter from the Orchestra Mozart musicians

We are the musicians of the Orchestra Mozart, a group that in the ten years of its activity has involved more than three hundred artists from all over the world; we appeal to all music and culture lovers, and to the representatives of institutions and private companies.

The Orchestra Mozart was founded in 2004 in Bologna by Claudio Abbado. As in all the projects of the Maestro, its strength lied in the combination of excellent artistic quality and education, and in the vocation to music research. In January 2004 the activities of the Orchestra Mozart have been interrupted.

Many orchestras are forced to stop playing every year; we would like to explain to each one of you why this can’t be the destiny of the Orchestra Mozart, even though the easiest choice for us would be to accept our break up, to put the OM experience in our cv and to go on with our careers. And yet the artistic heritage that we represent collectively challenges us to carry on this project.

If you had attended one of our concerts, and many of you have, you would have seen the first parts of some of the best orchestras from all over the world play side by side with young talents coming directly from the Accademia of the Orchestra Mozart. You can recognize many of these young talents now, a few years older, on the stages of all Europe.

With this group, heterogeneous for age and experience, over the years we have created a unique sound, born from the exchange of ideas, visions and influences. In line with the idea of music Maestro Abbado had, we have learnt and practiced the art of listening, during the rehearsals and the concerts: we were really playing together, often looking in each others' eyes and smiling.

Of these ten years we have left several recordings, as a legacy of our exciting concerts in the most important European concert halls. We are all convinced, though, that there is much more to be played, and to learn, and to pass on to the younger musicians. We are convinced that the Orchestra Mozart is still necessary.

A few months ago we have set up a crowdfunding campaign which is now active on, a call to arms to all those who want to take concrete action to give back to music this unforgettable voice.

The campaign is called OM Encore because what we want is simple: to make the orchestra Mozart play again. To do so, we ask the contribution of each one of you: every one can support us, every one can do something according to his or her possibilities.

We have until January 2017 to find the necessary funds to ensure the rebirth of the orchestra, with a long-term perspective that allows us to realize productions of excellence. The outcome of these early months of crowdfunding will allow the realization of two concerts in January 2017 with Bernard Haitink and Isabelle Faust, the first two among the many friends of Orchestra Mozart to have responded to our call. But this in only the first step.

Take side with us, don’t let this be the only occasion to listen again to the sound of the Orchestra Mozart: supporting this rebirth is a human and artistic responsibility that can’t be eluded.

The Orchestra Mozart musicians

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