In 2004 OM started playing.

For 10 years, famous étoiles and promising young musicians have played together, guided by Claudio Abbado.

In 2014, the Orchestra Mozart stopped playing , however the echo of its achievements still resonates.

OM is an Italian excellence appreciated and loved by the whole world; OM is experience, innovation, education, devotion, it’s endless love for music, a restless need of expression, a shared desire to play again. A desire that can be fulfilled only thanks to the contribution of all.

For a year we wil storytell this Orchestra through its musicians, through concerts and all the activities we are setting up. For a year you will have the chance to contribute and become part of it! Come and enjoy our concerts, listen to unreleased music, take part in one of our workshops. Discover the OM and support its quest for a new voice.

Support the Orchestra Mozart, make it play again!

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Orchestra Mozart in concert with Bernard Haitink and Isabelle Faust

From 100 euro

The first concert since 2014: tickets and exclusive perks available!
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Free donation

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